Shaken Faith Syndrome, 2nd Edition


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Michael R. Ash, Redding, CA: Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research, Second Edition, 2013, 6x9" softbound.

In today’s Internet-savvy world an increasing number of Latter-day Saints are encountering anti-Mormon material. Since most members don’t have all the answers at their fingertips, LDS-critical claims can be unsettling or create doubt. Some arguments have caused a few members–even active members with strong testimonies–to lose their faith.


Backed by extensive research and decades of experience dealing with anti-Mormon allegations, Michael Ash explores how we can be both rational thinkers and devout believers.


This second edition of Ash’s widely successful Shaken Faith Syndrome includes more than 50 additional pages of material such as up-to-date highlights from scholarly studies that support the Book of Mormon and Book of Abraham, more discussion on how our brains and emotions handle challenging issues, and a brand new chapter on race issues and the Church.

For struggling members, or family and friends of struggling members, this is the “go-to” book for understanding the emotional turmoil that accompanies testimony-damage, and provides answers and resources to assuage the doubts which may impede faith.

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10/06/2009 Gregory S. Probably one of the best places to start for someone interested in apologetics or troubled in their faith because of historical or "intellectual" matters.

Also useful for family members of those who are struggling.

While it provides good answers and resources on specific questions or concerns, this book's best feature is that it provides a set of tools and approaches to address any concern or problem. Ash not only provides the reader with plenty of fish, but teaches them how to bait their own hook.

Written in a clear, accessible style.

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